Motorcycle Coverage FAQs

Membership Motorcycle Coverage FAQs


RV/Motorcycle service is available to Plus and Premier members of AAA Pioneer Valley.
To enroll in the RV/Motorcycle Coverage, click here, call 413–785-1381 or stop by your local AAA branch.
Plus RV/Motorcycle and Premier RV/Motorcycle is available to Basic members who upgrade to Plus or Premier. There is a 10-day waiting period for Plus or Premier-level services. During this waiting period, RV/Motorcycle roadside assistance is available, but with limitations on towing and fuel delivery services that mirror AAA Basic for your car. For further details, please refer to the Membership Comparison Chart.
RV/Motorcycle service dues for Plus and Premier members are an additional $35/year per household, and this covers the Primary and all Associate members. Coverage follows the AAA Member, whether you are the driver or passenger on an eligible motorcycle or RV.
There is no change to your current annual road service call allotment. Adding RV/Motorcycle service allows you to use your available road service call allotment whether you’re in a vehicle, RV or on a motorcycle.
Yes. You must show a valid AAA Membership card (club code 045) and another form of identification.
Yes. When receiving RV/motorcycle roadside assistance, you can show your AAA Membership card on the AAA mobile app or Passbook app, as long as you have another valid form of identification.
No. At this time, we do not offer a separate RV/Motorcycle membership. You must be a AAA Pioneer Valley Plus or Premier member (or be willing to upgrade from Basic to Plus) to enroll in the RV/Motorcycle Coverage.
The RV/Motorcycle service can be gifted as long as the recipient is already a AAA Pioneer Valley Plus or Premier member. To purchase a gift membership, call 413-785-1381 or stop by your local AAA branch.
No, coverage can be cancelled at expiration date.

Eligible RV/Motorcycles

RV/Motorcycle service coverage is available for 2- and 3-wheeled motorcycles, all motor-homes, pickup trucks with a camper, travel trailers, or 5th wheel campers in addition to private passenger cars, all of which must be registered and street legal. Vehicle or RV must be disabled to receive service.

RV/Motorcycles Roadside Assistance

Call 1-800-AAA-Help (1-800-222-4357), the same as you would for roadside assistance for your car.
When calling for RV/Motorcycle service, identify yourself by your AAA membership number and name. Be certain to specify that you need assistance with your RV/motorcycle. It’s important to ensure we send a service vehicle with the proper equipment to your location.
RV/Motorcycle service is available on normally traveled roads within the US and Canada. AAA Roadside Assistance will come to your aid if you experience any difficulty that renders your RV/motorcycle, or an RV/motorcycle on which you are a passenger, inoperative or unsafe to drive. The RV/motorcycle can be at your home, on a public highway, driveway, parking area or garage, as long as it is accessible to a AAA service vehicle.
Service will be provided if you can safely move the RV/motorcycle to where it is accessible to a AAA service vehicle.
Available services include towing (available only if your RV/motorcycle cannot be started, is damaged as a result of an accident or when an AAA or its independent contractor’s judgment the RV/motorcycle cannot be placed in a safe driving condition), fuel delivery, tire inflation and battery jump-starts (if the battery is easily accessible and service can be safely delivered). Battery replacements and locksmith services are not available.
Yes, we will not service unattended RV/motorcycles.
No. However, there must be someone available to receive the RV/motorcycle at the tow destination. AAA will not leave an RV/motorcycle in an unsecure location.
If you’ve used your road service call allotment for one membership year, you can still place a service call and pay the cash call fee. You will be advised of the approximate cost of the call prior to a driver being dispatched.
Under certain conditions, the club reserves the right to delay some services until extreme demand for service has passed, e.g., where we or our contractors deem a road is not safely passable due to unusual circumstances or extreme weather causing service delay.
Anytime you need roadside assistance and it’s not available through AAA, you may be reimbursed for the full amount of these services as long as the bills you submit are based on the prevailing rate for that area.
There are no AAA Approved RV/Motorcycle Repair facilities at this time.

Motorcycle Service Exclusions

Excluded vehicles include dirt bikes, off-road motorcycles, unregistered or unattended motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles (ATV’s), bicycles, motorcycle trailers (whether the motorcycle is on a trailer or pulling one) and any other vehicle not specifically listed as covered.