Membership Types & Benefits

Membership Membership Types & Benefits

Premier Membership

  • 4 Roadside Assistance calls
  • Tows up to 100 miles plus 1 other tow for up to 200 miles
  • Home locksmith up to $100
  • Flat Tire Services
  • One day free car rental (up to a full-size car) reimbursement with tow
  • And all Plus Benefits
  • More Premier Benefits

Plus Membership

  • 4 Roadside Assistance calls
  • Tows up to 100 miles
  • Vehicle Lockout Services up to $100
  • Free Fuel and Delivery Service
  • Flat Tire Service   
  • Extricating / Winching Services
  • And all Basic benefits
  • More Plus Benefits

Basic Membership

  • 4 Roadside Assistance calls
  • Tows up to 3 miles
  • Vehicle Lockout Services up to $50
  • Flat Tire / Fuel Delivery Service 
  • Approved Auto Repair
  • Everyday Discounts
  • More Benefits

Associate Membership

Associate Membership is available to other persons of driving age living in the same residence as the Primary Member. There must be a Primary Membership in the household before an Associate Member may enroll. The Associate Member receives a separate membership card and is entitled to all the privileges, benefits and services of the Primary Member at a reduced rate. The only exception is that Associate Members do not receive the Club publication, YOUR AAA, as only one copy is mailed to each household.

Additional Information

Membership Information

Service is provided only to those individuals with memberships issued in their names. Proof of identity is required, so make sure every member of your family has this protection. Club services, benefits and membership dues are subject to change. Members will be advised of any changes in the Club's official publication, YOUR AAA.

Your Membership Card

Your membership card is your AAA identification. Carry it with you at all times. It must be in your possession to obtain all AAA services. It identifies you as a Club member and allows you to take advantage of all the benefits and services provided with your membership. When requesting service it is important to have your current membership card available. A charge of $5.00 is incurred to replace membership cards.

Membership Renewal

You will be billed annually for your membership in advance of the expiration date. Your new AAA cards will be enclosed. Your membership is active once your payment is applied. Dues payments for the current membership year are accepted until 60 days after the expiration date to ensure you are not charged a new member fee and that you do not lose any member benefits related to your tenure (such as Insurance discounts). Dues payments made after that are subject to additional fees such as enrollment costs and same-day road service charges. Members cancelling any coverages prior to expiration will be subject to a $20 administrative fee.

To make renewal more convenient and to avoid the possibility of a lapse in membership coverage, you may choose to have your membership automatically renewed each year with your VISA, MasterCard, Discover or American Express credit card. For more information, call 413–785-1381. Membership dues are paid annually.

Roadside Assistance 1-800-AAA-HELP (800-222-4357) – Join Online

With AAA, the nearest telephone is your 24–hour link to the largest Roadside Assistance network in the world. AAA in the United States and CAA in Canada have over 13,000 garages under contract to provide priority Roadside Assistance to AAA Club members, including:

  • Minor Mechanical First Aid – minor mechanical adjustments will be attempted to place eligible vehicle† in safe driving condition
  • Dead Battery Service – free boost to jump start your car
  • Flat Tire Service – replacement of flat tire with member's spare
  • Emergency Fuel Service – member pays for fuel to get to the nearest service station with no delivery charge
  • Vehicle Lock Out Service – service provider will attempt to open your car with special door opening tools. Locksmith services up to $50 provided if key is lost or broken.
  • Extrication or Winching Service – if car is stuck in a ditch, mud, snow or on a parking curb it will be freed if it can be reached safely from the highway or normally traveled road with the service provider's ordinary winch or tow cable.


When your eligible vehicle cannot be safely driven after attempting any of the listed emergency services, your vehicle will be towed at least 3 miles in any one direction from the point of disablement at no charge. (In case of an accident, the member should request the police to call AAA to dispatch tow services.)

If the member desires to have the vehicle towed to a destination other than as stated above, it is not considered emergency towing, but a "tow of convenience."  However, Club members will not be charged for the first three miles and will be charged a per mile rate after the third mile. Rates may differ from Club to Club, and members may be asked to pay whatever rate is in effect in that territory. Any subsequent towing for the same breakdown will be at the member's expenses.

AAA does not cover light duty trailers. In instances when the vehicle becomes disabled while towing a light duty trailer, you will be required to pay for towing the trailer.

Towing service is not rendered to improperly registered vehicles, vehicles that do not display a current state inspection sticker, or vehicles ordered towed by the police for alleged violation of the law.

View or print the AAA Pioneer Valley Member Handbook.

Important Regulations

  • Although the average member uses only one road service call per year, you are entitled to up to four road service calls every year you're a member in good standing. For those members who require service beyond the annual limit, the Club will continue to dispatch service, but these members will be required to pay for the service at a special AAA Member Rate.
  • Roadside Assistance is available to the member whose name appears on the membership card while driving or as a passenger in his/her own car, rental car, a friend's car or similar situation. The service is not available to non–members driving a member's car, even if that person resides in the same household.
  • Roadside Assistance will not be provided when it appears that the club member is unable to operate their vehicle safely.
  • When a member's vehicle is not operable upon providing any of the basic services above, the Club will assist the member in finding the nearest open place of repair. If a repair facility cannot be located, the Club will assist the member in obtaining lodging or alternate transportation at the member's expense.
  • The Club cannot guarantee 24–hour mechanical repair or parts availability and replacement. The cost of parts, labor and repairs at the member's expense.

Club Territory: AAA Pioneer Valley serves members in Franklin, Hampden, and Hampshire Counties of Massachusetts. 

Your local Auto Club membership also makes you an affiliate of the American Automobile Association. As such, AAA services here at home are also available to you at every AAA club and branch office throughout the United States. You are also eligible for service at all club offices of the Canadian Automobile Association and at affiliated auto club offices in numerous other foreign countries.

† AAA membership covers you for emergency road service in any properly registered and inspected four-wheel vehicle driven for passenger use, except taxicabs, buses and limousines.