AAA Driving School offers 1.5 hour private lessons for a fee of $100 each. AAA Driving Instructors are trained in a variety of courses to give them the necessary tools to properly train new and experienced drivers to develop, maintain or improve their driving ability. Private lessons can be a great tool for:

  • a student looking for a refresher before an upcoming road test.
  • students over 18; who do not wish to take the full Drivers Education course.
  • skill building in tricky traffic situations; like highway or rush hour driving.
  • drivers who have been injured or on medical suspension; and are looking to start driving again.

All students must have a valid permit or license to take lessons. The number of lessons a student needs depends on their current skill level; and what they are trying to achieve. Lesson times depend on location, instructor and student availability.

Call AAA Driving School at 413-785-1381 ext. 2475 to sign up for private lessons.

Please note: You will not receive a discount on your automobile insurance for taking private lessons. If you wish to receive a discount or obtain your driver's license before you turn 18 years old, you must complete the full Driver Education program.