Tuition includes: 

  • 30 hours of Classroom Instruction, 
  • 12 hours behind the wheel, 
  • 6 hours of observation, 
  • 2-hour parent/guardian class. 

Credit card payments can be made by phone through the driving school office or online once student is enrolled. Checks should be made payable to AAA Driving School.  We ask that cash payments be made at the driving school office only. ** There will be a $25 charge for all returned checks.

Payment Policy: $450/$550 down at Registration. Balance is expected by completion of Classroom Instruction; under no circumstances later than when the first Behind-the-Wheel Instruction is scheduled.

Each class has a particular topic that must be followed in accordance with the RMV guidelines. Every student must attend each designated session of the 30 hour Classroom Instruction time. If a student needs to be absent he/she must make up that particular session during the next cycle of classes.

Disruptive behavior is not acceptable, and the AAA Instructor reserves the right to call a Parent/Guardian, have a student leave the classroom, or terminate a Behind-the-Wheel Instruction. If a student is dismissed from the Driving School for any behavioral problems, they will be refunded for the classes/lessons they did not receive.

To schedule Behind-the-Wheel Instruction, the balance must be paid in full and student has attended at least the first class of their 30-hour Classroom Instruction. Home pick-ups and drop-offs may be available depending on location. Classes may also begin and end at the student's high school or at an AAA location.  Please see FAQ’s page for additional information.

If a student needs to cancel an In-Car-Instruction he/she must give a minimum of 24-hour notice; additionally, if the In-Car-Instruction is scheduled for a Saturday through Monday, the cancellation notice must be made by 5 p.m. on the previous Friday.  Students who cancel a class without giving a 24-hour notice or do not appear for a lesson will be charged an automatic $40 fee. This fee must be paid prior to next scheduled In-Car-Instruction.

Driving school is designed by the RMV to be completed in a 6-9 month timeframe.  There are several factors that may impact the length of time to complete the program.  AAA will do everything in their power to help the student complete the program in a timely manner. 

If inclement weather should cause AAA Driving School to cancel classes or in-car lessons, students and parents will be notified by email of the cancellation.