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AAA Discounts & Rewards Partner Application

At AAA Pioneer Valley we believe that partnerships are fundamental to our collective success. Our goal is to create and maintain exciting partnerships that drive our 200,000 membership base to your brand. After all, our Discounts & Rewards program is the #2 reason why members join and renew each year.

We are always working to develop new, innovative and integrated programs that help build your brand, increase your audience and escalate sales - all while aligning with a nationally recognized and trusted brand.

Whether it is an everyday discount, limited time offer or daily deal, we would be happy to customize a marketing program that fits your needs.

Imagine what millions of new customers could do for your business. Now is your chance to reach some of the most loyal customers in the country simply by partnering with AAA Discounts & Rewards. These are loyal, frequent shoppers with tremendous buying power. Contact us today by completing this form, and we'll discuss how your business can leverage a strategic alliance with the AAA Discounts & Rewards program - let's get started!

Program Exclusions

All partnerships and offers subject to approval. The following business categories are excluded: gun & ammunition sales, taverns, cocktail lounges, wineries and other establishments that sell alcoholic beverages as a primary businesses, automobile sales (used or new), and automotive repair businesses unless they are AAA Approved Automotive Repair Facilities (AAR). Specific personal service providers that engage in one or more of these practices/services as their primary business: medical/health care providers, including, but not limited to abortion services, acupuncturists, chiropractors, counselors, health clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, orthodontists, psychiatrists, psychologists, sex therapy, surgeons, and weight control centers that utilize either prescription or nonprescription pharmaceuticals or supplements. Also, baby sitters, arbitration services, architects, astrologers, attorneys, baby nurseries, bail bonds, casting services, collection agencies, commodity/stock brokers, convalescent homes, dating services, detectives, employment agencies, escort services, funeral services, guard services, massage therapists/specialists, paralegal, pawnbrokers, private investigators, real estate agents/agencies, roommate referral, talent agencies, tanning salons and time share sales.