Bike Safety
Hundreds of cyclists are killed, and thousands injured, each year while navigating the nation's roadways. Bicycle riders can help prevent crashes by following a few basic rules of the road:

  • Always wear an approved bicycle safety helmet to protect your head from serious injury when riding.
  • Before riding out of a driveway, parking lot or sidewalk into the street, stop and look left, right and left again for traffic.
  • Ride on the right–hand side of the street in the same direction as the flow of automobile traffic.
  • When riding with others, form a single line, one bike length apart, on the right–hand side of the roadway.
  • Stop at all stop signs and look left, right, and left again for traffic.
  • Walk your bike across busy roads and intersections.
  • Use hand signals to show others that you are stopping or making a turn.
  • Help other drivers to see you. Wear light or brightly colored clothing.
  • On streets where cars are parked, watch for car doors opening into the roadways.
  • Avoid riding after dark or if the weather is bad. All cyclists are at risk during the hours of darkness.
  • Give cars and pedestrians the right–of–way. It's an act of courtesy, and it's safer, too.
  • Obey traffic signs, signals and pavement markings. Obeying the law can keep you out of many hazardous driving situations.
  • Avoid broken pavement, litter, loose gravel, mud, or leaves. Any of these can cause you to lose control of your bike.

Safe Walking Tips

  • Look all ways before crossing at crosswalks.
  • Keep to the right in the crosswalk. At signalized crosswalks, cross only on proper signal.
  • Avoid crossing between parked cars.
  • Where there is no sidewalk and it is necessary to walk in the roadway, walk on left side, facing traffic.
  • Wear or carry retro–reflective material at night to help drivers see you.

Tips For Safe School Bus Riding
For a safe and enjoyable ride to and from school, follow these rules:

  • Leave home early enough to arrive at your bus stop on time.
  • Wait for your bus in a safe place well off the roadway.
  • Enter your bus in an orderly manner and take your seat.
  • Follow the instructions of your school bus driver or bus patrol.
  • Remain in your seat while your bus is in motion.
  • Keep your head and arms in the bus at all times.
  • Keep aisles clear at all times.
  • Remain quiet and orderly.
  • Be courteous to your school bus driver and fellow passengers.
  • Be alert to traffic when leaving the bus.