E-ZPass Transponders available at AAA Northeast Offices*

MA E-ZPass transponders are now available to AAA Members at AAA offices in GreenfieldHadleySpringfield, and West Springfield.

Those who have never had a transponder (new accounts only) can complete an application at AAA and receive a transponder for their vehicle. (Passenger and motorcycles only.) Members establish an EZ Pass account with Mass DOT by assigning a credit card to your account for payment of the initial amount. For individual accounts, the initial payment amount is $20.00 per transponder. As tolls are incurred, they are automatically deducted from the initial payment. The transponder will be active in three business days after the application is submitted. Transponders can be used throughout Massachusetts and out of state where EZ Pass is accepted. 

Non-AAA Members may obtain a transponder by visiting MassDOT customer service centers, at select Registry branches or by joining online at www.massdot.state.ma.us.

Please note: The online application for E-ZPass now includes a payment option for a bank account as well as credit card. AAA is NOT authorized to take bank routing information for our members. To use a bank account as the payment option, members must complete the application online. All applications processed at AAA must use a credit/debit card as the payment option.

*This program is only available for new accounts. Members that are already registered need to contact MassDot for any necessary changes.

EZPass has a Pay as you Go transponder available at any of the walk-in service locations.

Toll Rates for Mass Turnpike

The toll calculator is based on your Mass Turnpike entry and exit points and calculates the toll costs of your entire trip on the Turnpike.